Did you know . . . ?

That the American Wheelchair Mission is the official mobility partner of the Knights of Columbus, and is headed by Chris Lewis, a Fourth Degree Knight and son of beloved actor and comedian Jerry Lewis?

That the American Wheelchair Mission has in recent years distributed more than 30,000 life-changing chairs to children, teens and adults in Afghanistan, Cuba, Guatemala, Haiti, the Holy Land, Honduras, Mexico, Poland, the Philippines, Mexico, and Viet Nam?

That one of the most successful fundraising and membership growth tools is a parish drive known as “Wheelchair Sunday?”

That the Wheelchair Mission is one of the Featured Programs in the Council Service Programs and that a council that successfully completes a Wheelchair Mission program can receive full credit for all Columbian Award requirements in the Community Activities program?

Now you know.

I ask all councils to consider sponsoring a parish drive. I have attached several files to help you plan and provide more information. Please review them, see how easy it is to do this program.

Take the time to visit to see the videos, articles and slideshows about the Wheelchair program.

When you conduct a drive, please use the attached form (also available on to submit your proceeds and let me know your council name and number and amount raised.

Contact me or Dan Moberg if you have any questions or need the Wheelchair Sunday DVD.

Vivat Jesus!

Pete Karculias
Wheelchair Chairman


Dan Moberg
Director – Public Education2600 E Seltice Way, Ste. A172
Post Falls, Idaho 83854-7991