Resolutions by Councils for eligible candidates must adhere to State Procedure VII (quoted below) and any and all campaign materials must be kept within the hospitality rooms.  If a Council passes a resolution announcing the availability of their candidate for State Office along with a list of qualifications, they may distribute it using the contacts listed in the State Directory only if they send it to the AZ State Executive Secretary (Rick Garrison) who will obtain the approval of the State Deputy then email the packages. If your package is approved, you may “snail mail” it also.

In addition to restrictions outside the hospitality rooms, any campaigning in any State Meeting during the Convention is also prohibited.  However, discussions of qualifications of candidates are allowed as long as it doesn’t cross the boundary of campaigning.

Because there have been instances of laxness in the past, The State Deputy has asked us to strictly enforce these rules

Arizona State Council



1. Campaigning, i.e., letters seeking support or endorsements and souvenirs issued for the sole purpose of gaining support for candidates is prohibited. However, discussions to determine who is willing to serve in office, and what their contributions and qualifications might be is permitted in order to make an intelligent decision at the time of elections.

2. Advertisements concerning the availability of a competent council member who is considered to be excellent state officer material are permitted. These ads may identify the state office being sought by the candidate. A council may adopt a resolution within their own council setting forth the qualifications of the brother. This resolution can then be mailed to other councils by a cover letter advising that the resolution was adopted by the membership. The cover letter cannot solicit support or endorsements for him.

3. Posters and pictures of a favorite son may be displayed in hospitality rooms or private rooms.

4. Ads and pictures of favorite sons may be included in the convention program provided they do not solicit support or endorsements.

Respectfully submitted,

Skip Hopler

State Advocate


April 20, 2012